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[New To The Forums] (2 visitors)
13 57 Re:Introduction and Where Thin..
15 April 2015 17:35
[Download Festival Announcements] (6 visitors)
Announcements! We all love em (well mostly)... The latest announcements will be posted here and you can discuss the bands added.
126 3935 Re:Judas Priest..
1 hrs. ago
Download 2015 Discussions (32 visitors)
Discuss Download Festival 2015 (and past festivals) here!
480 28691 Re:Download 2015 Weather..
4 mins. ago
[Information Help and Tips] (6 visitors)
Looking for information or help about the Festival? Got some handy hints for others? This be the place...
798 10579 Re:Train Strike - 48-hour stri..
31 mins. ago
[Camping] (10 visitors)
Festivals are all about camping! (Well, it's an important part. After the music. And the beer. And...) Discuss various options in this area
155 18410 Re:Questions About Camp Loner..
11 mins. ago
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Forums Discussion (1 visitors)
Welcome and feedback. This forum is strictly for the discussion of technical problems and potential reorganisations of the forums. Any other posts will be deleted or moved without notice.
125 1557 Re:Help! My profile picture do..
2 mins. ago

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General Discussion (11 visitors)
What it says on the tin; General Discussions among community members that aren't wildly off topic (no polls on the benefits of hobnobs vs digestives here please) or directly related to Download Festival.
1465 288125 Re:Two (weeks) become one..
7 mins. ago
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Music Discussion (22 visitors)
A place to discuss general music stuff….tours, albums, band line ups. If we see more than one thread about the same thing we will delete or merge the threads.
4278 131670 Re:Bullet For My Valentine UK..
1 mins. ago
[Entertainment] (1 visitors)
TV, Books, Magazines & Games
319 23069 Re:Avengers: Age Of Ultron..
1 hrs. ago
The Elfoid_TFS 
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[The Talent Pool]
The place for Download Festival forum members with talent! Bands, DJ's, Artists, etc... Please note - this area is for you to promote your own activities only. No starting threads for your mates band, or for a bit of a chat. Other threads will be deleted or moved. If you have a talent you want to share which isn't covered by any of the existing categories, pm HullHellHalifax to add one.
346 1565 Re:Scare Tactics..
27 May 2015 19:05
[Sports] (4 visitors)
Whats your favorite sport? Is your team going down? Will Alonso and Renault do it again? Want to organise a match? Sports are broken down into subcatagories, choose the one for you.
305 114442 Re:DLF Sub-Forum Chat Thread X..
17 mins. ago

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saved old threads
what it says on the tin old threads that could be handy will be stored here.
9 150 Download Festival 2014 FAQs..
13 January 2014 12:20

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